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Sorry guys.
[glee] dianna/lea bts whisper
I've been contacted by Ms. Maggie Stiefvater, as someone lead her to my postings, and am in the process of deleting all posts of Shiver, sans the first, which I will edit with this same message.

Y'all are just gonna have to buy the book and read it as it's written.

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omg. i hope you aren't in any trouble.

Nope. I just got four comments from Maggie on a few comments. So all's well that semi-ends well.

oh no, was it lit "omg this is my story! get your own" or something more like "cease and desist this fic now!"

It was more like "hi, this is my story word-for-word and I don't know if you know that's illegal, so I'm not taking legal action... and I was lead here by a reader of mine."

omg that makes her seem so nice lol, i wonder who snitched tho

Yeah, that's why I just chose to take it all down instead of leaving it up.

And yes, I'd love to know that too.

aw, that's too bad. I really enjoyed your glee-ified version of her story and would have liked to read the rest of it. Glad that it doesn't seem like you'll be getting in trouble over it though.

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