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Regarding Shiver and other writings
[glee] dianna/lea bts whisper
Sorry guys, not an update. And I'm not sure when I'll post one.

I have zero motivation in wanting to pick the book up and type up chapters. Hell, I have barely any motivation to write anything right now.

So Shiver's going on a hiatus, for how long? I don't know. But I'm not going to leave it incomplete. I will come back to it, I just don't know when.

And the Transformers/Glee fic? Well, Cassie and I are quite bogged down about that at the moment. But we will try to finish the last three parts and post them for you guys. When? Again, I'm not sure.

Sorry guys.

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*hugs* It's fine. Writer's block sucks. I have it for my thesis right now. :( But, does that mean I can read shiver myself? :P

Yeah, I'd suggest reading the book if you really want to know how things end. And yes, it does suck, majorly.

Can I spam you when I read it with things I think aobut it? :D :D

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