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The Light Will Save Us All (1/5)
[glee] dianna/lea bts whisper
Title: The Light Will Save Us All
Author: trustisalie and mooosicaldreamz
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Rachel/Quinn, Santana/Brittany, a whole slew of Transformers
Disclaimer: We really don't own anything... and I doubt we'd be able to foot the lawsuit.
Spoilers: None really, it's AU.
A/N: Blame madndizzee and marshmallowhobo for this. They wanted it... and we got the idea to collaborate on it.
Word Count: 4,142
Summary: A simple car-buying expedition changes four girls' lives forever.

Chapter One: More Than Meets The EyeCollapse )

these four and robots? epic. and brittany's reaction to the robot was subtle but hilarious.

That's what we thought too. And yeah, it's so Britt.

I'm sure this would make more sense if I had actually seen the first movie but I don't even care because I freakin' love this.

Hahahaha. Probably. But it's still good you enjoyed it.

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! I love you both so much for writing this!


Hahahaha. I love that you said holy shiz. Ten points to you. And you'll get more when we write it. Haha

This is hilarious. Love it! I want more, like yesterday. You two are awesome.

Poor Quinn, just when she got all normal again, things have to get weird. haha Love that you worked in the Friends reference.

Yeah, life kinda likes to toss Q around a bit. Glad you love it!

I love this! Can't wait for an update :D

This is awesome!!! I'm hooked, I'm in Love.. I can't wait for more!! :D

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it.

This was weirdly wonderful and hilarious!

Hahaha. Glad we could make you laugh. :) Thanks for reading

transformers + glee!!!! love love love!

That's what we thought too! Glad you liked it!

This is so made of win....just WOW!!!

(Deleted comment)
Hahahahaha. We're quite glad it's so epic. And hopefully, we'll both get more written within the next few days. Glad you like it hun.

OMG!!! Sooo excited for more of this!! :D And this was just awesome!! Progressed quickly, but at a speed that still felt realistic, and LMAO at Bee's choice of songs. Great stuff!! :D

Quinn is pretty sure she hates her gorgeous, shiny, beautiful car. She should've known it was bad when it started playing Streisand when she had started it that morning. It should've been a sign. It should've told Quinn, "I will make you hate me with a deep, dark passion."

Also - THIS ^ ^ ^

Glad you liked it! And yeah, it is a bit fast, but with the plot that we worked out, the speed seemed to just fit. Though if I'm right, it does slow down in the next two chapters before being all speedy again. Hahaha.

And wasn't that great? I love Cassie's part.

I feel like Cassie's about to kill me anytime soon, so here I am! I'm sorry for not commenting before, bbs. I FAILED.

BUT HOLY EFFING SHIT THIS IS AWESOME. Did I mention I love Transformers? Like, A LOT? 'Cause I do! And this is just EPIC. I can't wait for the next part. CURIOSITY IS KILLING ME. You two are amazing. Seriously. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, CASSIE. I LOVE THIS.


You're totally fine. Commenting later is better than not at all. :)

Hahahaha, and good! We like people who like Transformers. Thanks bb!

I am here. Finally. And I can use this at last. Mmmmhmmn. I LOVED THIS!!!! It was so, so good. Good mixture of the beginning of the first movie, and evil VA antics. Fantastic. Ugh. Was the iPod looking for the cube? So, so good. I need more. Now. Like for real, now. I loved Bumblebee using a soundbite from Friends to address Rachel. Aww he's so adorable. Now I want to go watch the movies again. Can I have more now? Seriously? JHNDOJNQEO!! Oh and

I love you more for using those little Transformers. <3 And you'll have to wait and see on that. Well, whenever Cassie and I finish writing it, you'll get it. ;) Thanks hun, glad you liked it!

I gave up on my whole 'waiting till chapter 2' thing.
now I need me some chapter 2. :)
this is the awesomesause.

Hahaha. I'm glad you gave up on that. And hopefully, I'll finish my half this week and Cassie will post it. :D Glad you liked it too, birthday twin.


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