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[glee] dianna/lea bts whisper
Title: Blush
Author: trustisalie
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Rachel/Quinn
Disclaimer: Don't own them, just my idea. Don't own the song either, which is Aly & AJ's "Blush"
Spoilers: None. AU
Word Count: 424
Summary: Go ahead and say it, if you must make me blush

Quinn sits on the floor next to the bed, her head reclining back onto it.  Her blonde hair is splayed over the warm comforter, fanned out in a half circle.  Warm hazel eyes flutter closed as a hand winds its way through her soft tresses causing her to space for a moment, forgetting the spoken words and focusing on the feeling of the hand in her hair.

The hand stops and she barely registers the newest words coming from atop the bed, her mind too focused on how attractive she finds the fact that her lover is so much more uncensored with her, as if it were possible.  Unfiltered words flit through her ears, preaching about loving things from her the most.  She almost laughs as she finally detects the blunt honesty pouring from lips just inches from her own.

The light haired girl bites her lip when the smaller girl almost falls off the bed, overestimating the empty space between her body and the edge of the mattress.  Quinn lets a small smile grow upon her face, knowing the other girl's clumsiness is just another thing that makes her so unbearably far from perfection.

Her head tilts as her eyes meet Rachel's; Quinn feels like she can see right down into her soul through them.  Rachel's immediate intentions are bubbling right under the surface of the chocolate pools, yet her true feelings smolder beneath in the farthest reaches of her person, twisting and winding their way through her entire being.  In that moment, the blonde feels her breathing stop as every cubic inch of air is sucked from her body.  Just from that look, she can feel herself begin the journey to the edge.

Pulse quickening, her words drag Quinn under, captivating her in their structure and resonance.  The secret whispers kept only for this time and place trickle through the inches of air between mouth and ear, silently falling under the unspoken vow to never be spoken of again.  She speaks with a soft, but firm voice remaining well inside the invisible boundaries set, knowing full well that she will only let the other girl go so far right now.

Quinn's eyes flutter shut, giving Rachel her nonverbal allowance of the last words she needs to use.  She barely notices her body stiffen a considerably less amount than in previous nights as she begins to round out her vocalizations.  The last thing she feels before she is taken away in all aspects of the words is the blush she has been waiting for the whole night as Rachel pulls her close one last time.

  • 1 moved, this was so beautiful and i loveed the style of writing

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, introspective!Quinn is the best. I also love how Rachel's words have such an effect on her.

In that moment, the blonde feels her breathing stop as every cubic inch of air is sucked from her body. - This is my favorite line, but the chemist in me mentally changes cubic inch to the metric system. (Yes, I'm that much of a dork).

So this seems to be a good indication that the muse is working again. Maybe a shiver update is coming our way?

Hahaha. Well, I've had this written for a while, I just now decided to post it. But I'm glad you liked it. And hopefully the muse will come back quite soon, I'm actually working on a collaboration fic with mooosicaldreamz and we're almost ready to post that.

Oooo, collaboration fic!!! I'm am insanely excited for that. Like I may or may not have just been clapping excitedly here at my desk.

Hahahaha. I love your excitement. It makes me happy.

Haha. I'm glad I could entertain you. I try.

Beautifully written and subtle.

I really liked this. :) Those two. <3 It was very sweet.

ooh, this is really well written! lovely. And sweet :)

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