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Glee Awards
[glee] dianna/lea bts whisper
So for some random, odd ass reason, I was nominated for the Glee Awards. Which is quite flattering really, but lord knows I wonder why. Hahaha. Anyway, if y'all feel up to it, or just love my work so much, you can go ahead and second the nomination, which is:

- "Shiver" in Favorite Multi-Chaptered Fiction

So if y'all wanna second it, GO HERE and follow the instructions at the top.

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*throws confetti into the air*

Woo-hoo!! So exciting. Say exciting enough to warrant a Shiver update? (No pressure just an idea for those of us waiting in patient anticipation).

Possibly. If I can grasp a muse within the next few days, I'll spend a large bit of time writing.

YAY!! I will be sending positive muse vibes your way then. ;)

Wohooo!! YAY! congrats. :D You are awesome. So well deserved. :)

Damn it's been so long since i've had some time to play on LJ! Work is insane. But I'm back on your page now and I intend to read what i missed! And... I nominated you :) It's late to say that now, i think the results must be in by now lol. But yeah, that was me, and it was deserved. This is one of the most addicting stories, and I miss it. i think there might be an update or two i missed in all the time that I haven't been on LJ and i'm gonna go stalk it now.

Hope youre doing good!


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