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Sorry folks.
[glee] dianna/lea bts whisper
Okay, so posting today won't happen. I've barely gotten a second alone to myself today and I've been up since 9 (it's 1:20 now). Hopefully, I'll be able to get some writing done later tonight after Chuck is over at 9 before the songs come out at 11. And if that happens, I'll write through the night and post two chapters tomorrow.

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Awww, but I totally understand not having the time. Hope everything is cool though, and I shall eagerly await tomorrow :)

Glad you understand. And for that, and the update you gave us, totally giving you a dedication when I post. :D

Sweet! Though all these dedications from you are totally gonna make my ego 'splode. That being said, I have finally got the time to myself to go read and reply to my comments :D

Meh, your ego is already pretty big. :P And yes, you should do that.

My ego is tiny :o How dare you!?

Don't worry about it. I had been wondering, but Chuck clearly takes priority - especially now that it has gotten so much better. I will eagerly await the next update.

I'm hijacking this because I'm a stalker, and I've had this page open for like, 30 mins for some reason lol.

...Is Chuck worth watching? It didn't interest me when it first started airing but I keep hearing such good things.

A perfectly legitimate reason to hijack. lol.

I think it's worth it. I was skeptical at first too, but I watch all of season 1 last summer in about a week. The best part is the interaction between Chuck and Sarah and that has gotten especially good as of late. Also, it does funny and lighthearted while not being exactly a comedy, which is always good in my opinion.

I thought so :)

If it's dorky at any time then consider me intrigued, I might have to pick it up.

I know right? I skipped like the whole middle of this season cause it bored me a bit, but now it's back to how it used to be. :D

I know. I could have killed Shaw he frustrated me so much. Especially when Sarah revealed her name after knowing him all of what, a month? So much shouting at the television.

I know! I was so happy when his run finally ended. And ugh, that pissed me off so much.

Oh, one of those days. I have them too. Often. Take your time. And sleep! That is important too. I sometimes forget that. :)

Yeah, it's one of those lovely days. Hahaha. You shouldn't forget to do that.

Well sleep seems so superfluous and less fun than other activities. :D

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